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About Us

PG student positions available: I am looking for self-motivated Master's students with a strong theoretical background in physics, math, and machine learning, or with a strong systems background in electromagnetic field using electromagnetic simulation software (COMSOL, CST, et al.), specialized in Communication and Information System or Electronics and Communication Engineering. Please send me your CV, representative publications (if any), detailed transcripts with GPA and ranking, IELTS/TOEFL/CET scores, along with a brief introduction about yourself if you are interested in working with me. Undergraduate students at School of Information Science and Engineering are encouraged to discuss with me about potential research projects. I am also interested in hosting visiting students.

Ionic liquids are salts composed of organic cations and organic/inorganic anions, and are in liquid state at 25°C. Due to its excellent physical and chemical properties, it is widely used in various fields. The tuned structure and properties make it the most promising new type of soft-functional optoelectronic material in the 21st century. Terahertz (THz) wave refers to electromagnetic radiation with a frequency range of 0.1-10 THz (1 THz = 1012 Hz), between infrared and microwave. Terahertz waves have unique characteristics such as low energy, high permeability, fingerprints, and broadband, so they are widely used in broadband communications, satellite communications, astronomy, security inspections, medical imaging and other fields. Therefore, our research group uses experimental methods combined with theoretical calculations to study THz properties of ionic liquids, microwave absorbers based on ionic liquids and absorption mechanism, electromagnetic manipulation of ionic liquids, and application of machine learning in the intelligent electromagnetic manipulation based on soft functional optoelectronic ionic liquids .

What We Do

THz Characteristics

  • Properties in the THz band
  • Relationship between the properties and microstructure in the THz band

Electromagnetic Manipulation

  • Properties under externally applied fields
  • Microstructure under externally applied fields
  • Nano-wetting behavior under externally applied fields

Microwave Absorbers

  • Microwave absorption properties
  • Microwave absorption mechanism
  • Ionic liquid-based absorbers

Application of Machine Learning

  • Predict the physical and chemical properties
  • Predict the dielectric parameters
  • Predict the structural parameters of absorbers

Latest News

Journal Paper

The 16th Journal paper Effect of the external electric fields on the polarization and vibrational spectrum of 1-ethyl-3-methylimidazolium bis(trifluormethylsulfonyl)imide on graphene surface is accepted by Journal of Molecular Liquids.

Journal Paper

The 15th Journal paper Imidazole Ionic Liquids-Based Ultra-Broadband Metamaterial Absorbers from Cross-Architecture Design is accepted by Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics.

Academic Conference

Yongji Guan attends the 2023 National Engineering Ethics Course Case Teaching Workshop at the China Youth University of Political Studies in Beijing, China.


Financial Sponsors

Our group are grateful for funding from Lanzhou University and Science and Technology Department of Gansu Province .